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Brochures form an important part of  printed marketing collateral. Even despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives, they still show great value. A well-designed brochure will have captivating visual effects as well as loads of product-specific information.

At iPrint and Design USA, our graphic designers can help you capture the attention of potential customers through the eye catching design of your brochure. Brochures are both very effective and much more cost efficient than product advertisements on magazines and newspapers. They focus solely on your brand, your business and your offerings. 

Brochures are a very versatile way to promote almost all types of products and services. They are used in different venues and found as menus, flyers, and newsletters. This is in addition to the very known tri-fold style.

Let us help you create yet another effective means to market your business for your marketing campaign. With a new brochure, you will have the opportunity to interact with new and potential customers. You will have the opportunity to leave a piece of your business with them. We will work with you to choose the right brochure size, images, as well as best textured paper. All of these factors will ensure that you leave the best impression in the hands of those you meet with.

Do not wait another minute! We are ready to get started on your brochure design…Get in touch with us today! Give us a call at 786-991-9066 or email us at

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