Die Cutting

i Print and Design USA -Die Cuts

Are you bored of the same basic shaped business cards or flyers? Do you need something that will help make your business stand out? Custom die cutting may be the answer you have been searching for. With this technique, you can take the same concept of regular print job, but incorporate your own unique shape design.

The die cutting process is when a thin flat material is cut into a specific shape using a steel cutting die. This is custom designed and made for you and your business.

Use die cutting to create custom products for better marketing that will be sure to make your business stand out. This is great for making custom packaging, POS and 3-D displays, pocket folders, custom shaped business cards and much more! This process is even being used to create custom printed boxes to package products as well as goods.

Do you dare to be different and step out of the box? Do you want something that will help you stand out?

With custom shaped prints, you will be sure to attract attention to your brand like never before!

At iPrint and Design USA, we can help you create your custom die- cut design! Even if you are not sure of exactly what you would like, we will help you create a new vision for your brand. Our team will assist in the process of deciding the right shape for your cards, flyers or packaging and will also create the design to be printed on your custom shape.

Do not waste another minute… Let us help you change the cookie cutter image of your marketing prints, literally! Call us today at 786-991-9066 or email us at sales@iprintanddesignusa.com… We will help you step out of the box!

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