i Print and Design USA - MenusCommunicate your business brand with high-quality, full-color menus. They are used by any business that wants to display a menu of items as well as services. Menus are a very cost effective investment. They are the brochure of the restaurant industry, and in addition, are incredibly powerful motivators.

The menu is overlooked as a marketing piece, but that is just what it is. The more you can convince customers to try, the more that they will like and the more business you will get. At iPrint and Design USA, we understand the importance of having a creative and fun menu. This will entice your clients to spend more at your business. Our hands on process will allow you to be a part of every step when creating your very own menu. No matter how simple or intricate you want your menu to be, we can help you create it!

A menu is not just for restaurants. Printing your own personalized menu for weddings, holidays meals or even dinner parties will make any event extra special. Menus also display services in an easy to follow design.

There are several types of menus you can choose from. They include long menus, bi fold, tri fold menus and even more. We will help you determine which option is going to work the best for your specific needs. Give us a call at 786-991-9066 or email us at Let us get started on your design and print!

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