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i Print and Design USA - Printed Canvas

Memorable and treasured moments should not last only for the live moment but for an entire lifetime as well. A high quality of printed canvas is a perfect way to bring life to your photo. Whether it’s a portrait of your family or the scenic beauty of nature, these moments are best preserved on a long-lasting medium that is resistant to the deterioration caused by harmful elements.

Since canvas prints do not have a high gloss, you are able to focus on the detail in the photo. Viewers are not distracted by the gloss.

At iPrint and Design USA, we print on the highest quality canvas, made up of sturdy material that will be long lasting and impressionable. Printed canvas is an excellent way to express your image for an art gallery or even a gift.

As opposed to traditional photos that appear as flat images against the wall, canvas prints tend to stand out. Depending on the detail as well as the quality of the canvas, the prints on them sparks the interests of both enthusiast and leisure photographers.

We can even print your canvas in different canvas in order to enhance the  look. In addition, different and unique sizes can create a unique piece of art.

Bring your images to life with iPrint and Design USA! Call us at 786-991-9066 or email us at today… Our designers will get started on your next printed canvas project!

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